Říjen 2008

French Kissing

31. října 2008 v 16:30 Green Eyed Soul
Come on, you say you love me
I make you believe that it's love you receive
Like a thief
I just take what I need
And when we're going tonight...

verse 1
Just an ordinary evening
I heard voices from the ceiling
And I really was believing
It was my mind playing tricks on me
Went upstairs just for receiving
Something told me you were leaving
So I looked out of my window
Just to see you there coming straight back to me

Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)

30. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
Come on let me take you on a magic ride
Boy I wanna show you better ways to fly
Whatever you wish for
I'll do it for you

All the other girls are a waste of time
Whatever they may have ain't as good as mine
Whatever you wish for
I'll do it for you

From Sarah With Love

29. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
For so many years we were friends
And yes I always knew what we could do
But so many tears in the rain
Felt the night you said
That love had come to you
I thought you were not my kind
I thought that I could never feel for you
The passion and love you were feeling
And so you left
For someone new
And now that you're far and away
I'm sending a letter today

From Sarah with love
She'd got the lover she is dreaming of
She never found the words to say
But I know that today
She's gonna send her letter to you

Make U High

28. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
I'm gonna make u high, high
When you're feeling low, low
Show you all the joy, joy
You've never seen
And then we do it right, right
Lovin' you in slow mo
This is what you get
If you're gonna be with me

I'm gonna make you high, high
When you're feeling low, low

verse 1
Hey boy, I've been watching you
Been thinking of
What we could do
And now I know you can feel it too
We're gonna come together every night
And hey you, come on over here
I surely feel
The time is near
And in my mind I can see it clear
I show you how it's gonna be alright

In My House

27. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
Boy, you can just best believe
I'm the only girl in your life
I'll be your sugar in the morning
And the sweet stuff U need at night
And you can just best believe
When it comes down to makin´ love
I'll satisfy you every need
And every fantasy you think of

So when U need a little piece of mind
Come on over, boy, any time
I'll keep you happy and so satisfied
In my house, my house

oooh part

Where Do We Go From Here

26. října 2008 v 10:00
verse 1
No matter how hard I try
A love like that keeps pushing me inside
But after all is said and done
You're gonna be the only one
I wish that you were near me now
And get tangled heart to heart
I never felt a love like this before
You're the one I adore

Boy come to me cause love won't wait
Make up your mind, babe it's not too late
Boy I can feel there's love around
Uuhhh Baby
Treat me like a lover
Sweet words of love I gave to you
Let yourself go, cause I'm feelin' blue
In my mind you were always near
Uuhhh Baby
Where do we go from here

I Can't Lie

25. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
So many times I had imagined you
You were a dream waiting to come true
I've never made this kind of wish before
But then again I never wanted something more

You set in motion
Something uncontrollable
Something undeniable

24.10. 2008- DKMS

24. října 2008 v 21:24 NEWS
Sarah nafotila novou propagační fotku pro kampaň DKMS, která se zabývá leukémií. Fotka má sloužit k tomu, aby upozornila lidi, že je nový způsob, jak darovat kostní dřeň. A to pomocí umělohmotné, bavlněné tyčky. Sarah se stala součástí kapmaně DKMS už v květnu. A zde si můžete přečíst článek o květnové spolupráci.


24. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
Someone like you is rare
You're not afraid to care
Always say how you feel
It's part of your appeal
We've shared some special times
I'm glad that you are mine
You showed me a better way
It's shame you couldn't stay

I wish the miles between us could only disappear
Until that day I'll just hold back the tears

Every Little Thing

23. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
Whenever you go away from me
Go out with your friends I see that there's something in your eyes
And it looks just like a lie
Didn't I give you what you want?
Didn't I give it all to you?
Why is everything you do a little bit untrue?

And everytime
You act wrong
I go away from you just a little more


22. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
Each and every day
Each and every single day
People wanna tell me what to do
But I don't really care
I do never really care
'cause I'm looking out for something new

And I know you know
All we're gonna do
Is we're making our dream come true
And I know you know
All we're gonna do
Is we're living our lives the way we want to

Can't Get None

21. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
U like the cars, U want the stars
No no no no still can't get none
U watch me ball, with all my dogs
You're mad cuz ya can't get none
When they bump my hits, it makes U sick
No no no no still can't get none
U see the life, U want the life
Be mad cuz ya can't get none

Now I've got a little problem with
Yall sit back, relax, listen to this
Don't U hate when folks in yo biz
Come on put your hands up, if you heard me
Can't stand a bugaboo, oh no, please don't hate me, please let me go Roll ya eyes when my clique roll by
2 big black Mercedes drivin' U crazy

We got to speed, ride, let's go, really don't care if everybody knows
Now we gon sell out big shows U wanna be down we still say no

Man Of My Dreams

20. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
I remember the first day I met you
All I thought was dawn how can I get you
You blew my mind in a very special way
Impossible for me to get away
Since that day you're creeping in my mind
Silky velvet ocean of green eyes
I'm dreaming of the day we meet again
But this time I won't let you slip away

19.10. 2008- Bravo, dopis od Sarah

19. října 2008 v 10:14 NEWS
Sarah a její sestra Lulu jsou v novém německém vydání časopisu Bravo. Je tam malý článek, kde se píše o tom, jak Bailey zakousla králíky. A o Lulu se píše, že měla rozepnutý poklopec u kalhot, když měla vystoupení v Berlíně. Tady je sken z Brava:
Sarah nám napsala dopis. Bylo to asi před týdnem, ale já jsem to sem zapoměla napsat. Omlouvám se. A tady je ten dopis:

Let Us Come 2gether

19. října 2008 v 10:00 Green Eyed Soul
Hey boy, come on over here
Let's shake it
Let us come 2gether
'cause you're the one that I want
Let us come together

verse 1
Do you like to know about what I do
When I start with loving you
Wildest dreams will come true
Making love until the day is breaking
Hold me tight the bed is shaking
When we do what we do
So let's go...

Breakin' it up, shakin' it up
I'm gonna find out how do you wanna taste it
Shakin' it up, breakin' it up
I'm gonna make you scream tonight

When I Dream

18. října 2008 v 13:48 Green Eyed Soul
verse 1
Day by day I'm lost for words to say
I try to speak but the words won't come
Where's the love keep me save from harm
We could take the wings of love and fly
You got me changin' in so many ways
Beyond this world - no more lonely days

All the love that we share when we met
Sweet ecstasy - baby U and me

Dream with me

12.10. 2008- I'll Kiss It Away

12. října 2008 v 10:07 NEWS
Na video I'll Kiss It Away ve velké kvalitě se můžete podívat zde a na této stránce si můžete přehrát video, kde Sarah uvádí svůj klip.

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